AKG K845BT Mini Review – Bad things others don’t tell you

//AKG K845BT Mini Review – Bad things others don’t tell you

AKG K845BT Mini Review – Bad things others don’t tell you

I ordered a AKG K845BT and immediately sent it back, I’ll explain why in a moment. I’ll keep this review short, because I know you’re all busy.

The good things of the AKG K845BT, things other reviews tell you:

  • Superb sound quality, if you’ve never had a headphone so pricey before
  • Beautiful design
  • “Feels good” = good built, nice materials, nice finishes
  • High quality cables with metal bend protection at the ends
  • APT-X (works on MacBook), SBC (works on MacBook), AAC (couldn’t test it, but iPhone listening experience was very good)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 support
  • Fully charged


The bad things of the AKG K845BT, things other reviews didn’t tell you and made me send them back:

  • Even at full volume they are just normal loud
  • No battery display on the iPhone menu bar
  • Slight discolouring of the plastic (maybe a built error?)
  • No bluetooth operation while charging
  • Continuously flashing bluetooth light, even when connected (8h battery life…)
  • Weired to power off, a long press resets the device to search mode and a short press afterwards switched the light off (and the headphone?)
  • No acoustic or visual indication of power status. There are two LED’s, one showing the bluetooth status and the other showing the charging status. The battery LED might flash when the battery is empty, but all other headphones of the market have better solutions for this problem


Still waiting for nice bluetooth headphones. I would like a child of the Parrot Zik and the AKG K 845 BT.

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  1. thecyberhunter March 1, 2015 at 8:43 pm - Reply

    Mark, neither Apple nor AKG claim in literature I’ve read that aptX is supported on MacBook (or any Apple device) or the K845BTs. aptX has a published list and nothing Apple is on it. AAC is supported on all current iOS and OS X devices. AKG claims only Bluetooth 3.0 with NFC and the default profile. Neither aptX nor AAC are mentioned in their literature. I have been researching lossless transcoding options (hard to mine good data about this do to incomplete spec sheets and mediocre reviews out there). Some think lossless transcoding is not important. I think it is very important in a Bluetooth mode. No insurmountable issues here when the sets are wired though. Thanks!

    • Mark March 1, 2015 at 9:57 pm - Reply

      Apple did last year or the year before, but they removed the claim from the tech spec as I found out just now. AKG claims APT-X support on their Amazon (german) page, which can be a nvidia gtx 970 like marketing typo…
      Researching lossless bluetooth audio support is a pain in the a… – I feel your pain. Lossless transcoding is important! The default bluetooth (SBC) codec sounds like hell. I have used the bluetooth developer tool from apple to inspect the bluetooth AKG capability, but it doesn’t let you enforce APT-X – only disable it entirely. Wired they feel and sound like heaven, it’s an AKG! I have wired AKG K551 and i absolutely love them!
      Do they sound as quietly to you over bluetooth as they did to me?

      • Tom May 6, 2016 at 11:38 am - Reply

        Just stumbled across this, looking for what battery it has. I found these to be painfully loud, if you’re on bluetooth, phone volume and headphones volume are separate. If you turn both up to high they’re deafening. Otherwise as default k845bt seems to be at about 40% loudness…

        The power on off seems fine to me though, click to turn on click to turn off. Quick and simple?

        Having used them for a few days I must say they’re not a very comfortable fit though and keep pressing my ears to pain, maybe I just have large ears…

  2. Ionut B July 15, 2016 at 11:12 am - Reply

    I have this headphone. After 2 years of working ok the battery is dead. I wouldn’t recommend them.

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