I ordered a AKG K845BT and immediately sent it back, I’ll explain why in a moment. I’ll keep this review short, because I know you’re all busy.

The good things of the AKG K845BT, things other reviews tell you:

  • Superb sound quality, if you’ve never had a headphone so pricey before
  • Beautiful design
  • “Feels good” = good built, nice materials, nice finishes
  • High quality cables with metal bend protection at the ends
  • APT-X (works on MacBook), SBC (works on MacBook), AAC (couldn’t test it, but iPhone listening experience was very good)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 support
  • Fully charged


The bad things of the AKG K845BT, things other reviews didn’t tell you and made me send them back:

  • Even at full volume they are just normal loud
  • No battery display on the iPhone menu bar
  • Slight discolouring of the plastic (maybe a build error?)
  • No bluetooth operation while charging
  • Continuously flashing bluetooth light, even when connected (8h battery life…)
  • Weired to power off, a long press resets the device to search mode and a short press afterwards switched the light off (and the headphone?)
  • No acoustic or visual indication of power status. There are two LED’s, one showing the bluetooth status and the other showing the charging status. The battery LED might flash when the battery is empty, but all other headphones of the market have better solutions for this problem


Still waiting for nice bluetooth headphones. I would like a child of the Parrot Zik and the AKG K 845 BT.