Pebble Watch – User Diary: Nearly a year in

//Pebble Watch – User Diary: Nearly a year in

Pebble Watch – User Diary: Nearly a year in

What has happened in the last half year in the Pebble Watch universe from a user point of view?

“The feature to display time is really good”

A friend of mine dropped this line and he is right. There isn’t any cool feature, nor a calendar or anything that is cool in the standard pebble. Yes, there are watch faces that can display weather – programmed by english people for english people with support of Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. It is often not possible to switch the date display to something meaningful instead of standard english or american.

Paying again – are you kidding me?

Some watch faces are charging for weather service, display ads in the options or force you to register with an external website (using your pebble s/n as an identifier).

Finally, menu reordering!

Starting with Firmware 2.4 (2.3?) you can now reorder menu items in the top level menu! And it also works with 3rd party apps or internal menu entries. I love it.

Does this even charge?

It seems that the firmware has a problem with degrading battery performance. A month ago my pebble didn’t recognize a full battery anymore. The menu shows that the pebble is still charging (after a whole day) and doesn’t reach 100%. I installed a 3rd party battery meter and it’s showing me 90% max, sometime 100% for a very short time.

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