Gif Display

We all have guilty pleasures and it seems that my girlfriends is 9gag (apart from chocolate, of course). So I went ahead and build a small tiny computer, which would let her watch her favourite content in something similar to a picture frame. I used: Raspberry Pi 3 a simple display 3D Printer for the case The above setup is very simple to do and there are a lot of resources in the internet on how to combine these. I designed the case for the display myself and it's actually very easy to do. How does it work? You connect [...]

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AKG K845BT Mini Review – Bad things others don’t tell you

I ordered a AKG K845BT and immediately sent it back,┬áI'll explain why in a moment. I'll keep this review short, because I know you're all busy. The good things of the AKG K845BT, things other┬áreviews tell you: Superb sound quality, if you've never had a headphone so pricey before Beautiful design "Feels good" = good built, nice materials, nice finishes High quality cables with metal bend protection at the ends APT-X (works on MacBook), SBC (works on MacBook), AAC (couldn't test it, but iPhone listening experience was very good) Bluetooth 4.0 support Fully charged   The bad things of the [...]

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